What to Do If You Are Being Stalked?
1. Victims of stalking often feel that friends or family may downplay the stalker’s behavior, but stalking poses a real threat of harm. Your safety is paramount. Trust your instincts.

2. Again trust your instincts call the police if you feel you are in threaten or in immediate danger.

3. Keep a record or log that describe each encounter contact with the stalker. Be sure to document any police reports and keep in safe place. Take notes. If you sense that you are being stalked for example; keep a journal and write down the behaviors of the stalker, approximate height, weight, race, car, license plate, tattoo's, anything that can be useful for the police.  

4. Stalkers often use electronic devices to contact their victims. Save all e-mails, text messages, photos, and postings on social networking sites as evidence of the stalking behavior.

Download a notepad or a journaling app OR journal all your experiences that you have with the stalker in this guide and date them. Videotape and record what you can as safely as you can.

5. Connect with a local victim advocate to talk through your options and discuss safety planning. Share with family, school counselors, pastors, etc.