Developing a Plan of Action: Everyone receiving case management services is encouraged to have a Person Centered Plan(PCP) written for them. A PCP describes how services and resources will be combined to support goals and needs.

1. Goal setting and individualized service planning. The best service plan is in the survivor’s own words and is not standardized. All A.C.E. service plans are survivor-driven because each survivor is different.

2. Initial and ongoing assessments. These assessments are necessary to identify each victim’s accomplishments and strengths and current or new service priorities in need of support.

3. Locating appropriate resources and services to address the victim’s needs and goals. It is important to A.C.E. to make sure that any referrals offered to victims espouse a similar commitment to client-centered, trauma-informed support services.

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 Victim's of Crimes Support & Resources: A.C.E. Case Management advocates in a holistic, person-centric, confidential approach.  These specialist work toward empowering a victim to identify needs and establish goals and indicators for their healing and recovery. Advocates aid victims in understanding their options and educate on available resources and services. Advocates can facilitate wrap-around support through referrals to partner agencies, education on process, ensuring victim rights are understood and upheld, and connection to safe shelter among other forms of support. Connect with a Specialist Today

Empowering through Education A.C.E. Advocacy Workshops & Lectures: A.C.E. provides skill-based training to victim advocates and crisis responders.

A.C.E. specialist assist victims with legal advocacy support from communicating and following up with professionals within criminal justice and/or social service systems to completing various case documents.A.C.E. specialist advocate on behalf of the victim as needed to help reduce barriers, and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention in meeting the victim’s needs and achieving the client's goals.